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Quarterly News letter

Steve P

17 Apr 2023

April 2023

New season is upon us welcome to all old & new members to Waterbeach Angling Club.

Could I just start with a huge thank you for the help & support I have received from the club.

I am pleased to announce finally that the website is now live but with a slightly different web address. The site is now

The site still has some additions to be added, but any items you may wish to be included please let me know.

There is a contact us page on the site please use it. Email

Over the winter period a lot of work has been carried out at Leland Water, the removal or pollarding of rotten trees.

The lake bed has been raked & lily pads have also been dramatically reduced in size.

The end of February saw the arrival of a Portacabin and work began in earnest to get the unit ready for use.

Thank you to all involved with the continued work to get the unit up & running.

We have 2 refrigerators in the unit which will be used to keep bait products fresh.

In the main room where meetings can be held a TV & home cinema system has been installed.

The TV & DVD player can be used for coaching or you can connect a laptop to display onto the TV via the spare HDMI cable.

We also have a new card payment machine from Barclays along with a portable mini wifi hub.

The kitchen is still a work in progress but should be ready very soon.

The club will be looking to improve on energy usage this year, in particular helping to keep the water quality safe.

Last year during the hot spell we were having to pump water from Leland to Atkins then on to Magpie.

We are looking into installing underground pipe work should the need arise again, this will make it easier to pump the water.

I have been hearing of some good catches from various people that have been fishing recently.

I hope for this year we can work together using the Website & Facebook to keep members informed.

The Leland membership has been consolidated, there has been no increase in the total number of members which remains at 65.

Currently there are only four types of membership Life, Ten Year (last will expire 2027) one year & Winter.

Ten year memberships will not be continued only one year memberships will be available.

This then reduces the type of membership to three Life, one year & winter.

I have a waiting list of six currently.

Day tickets are now available for Leland Water for Club members, this is carefully controlled & monitored.

No advance booking, correct tackle required, 7am – 7pm summer months 7am – 4pm winter months. £10.00 per day per person.

Please read the general rules for Leland before fishing.

If 6 people are already fishing day tickets for that day will be suspended.

New signs have been put up at Magpie, Atkins & Dodds Water please read them before you start fishing.

Tight lines everyone please enjoy the wonderful sport on offer at our venues.

Steve Pearson

Club secretary Email

Mobile 07494 479476

Les Beecroft Chairman, Steve Pearson Club Secretary, John Dyer Treasure

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