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Waterbeach Angling Club Rivers

Discover the exceptional features that set Waterbeach Angling Club apart from the rest. With access to two beautiful rivers, River Cam and Old West, our club offers a unique angling experience for all fishing enthusiasts.


River Cam

The clubs’ sections of the river Cam start’s below Bottisham lock.

The Cam here is a typical Fenland River with little flow and depths up to 11ft.

The club has fishing rights on the west bank and runs for approximately 1.4 miles and has fantastic course fishing.

The river is well known for its Rudd fishing and fish over 3lb are reported most seasons.

There are good nets of Bream to be had with the odd Tench too.

Both species average 3-5lb with some larger specimens too.

Fish up to 9lb of both species have been reported.

Carp also frequent the river and fish over 30lb are a possibility.

The predator fishing can be prolific with Pike, Perch and Zander present.

20lb+ Pike, 3lb+ Perch and Zander over 10lb have been caught.

Over a Mile of River to Fish.

The Old West River & Lagoons

The Old West is a slow flowing river in a secluded spot set back from the A10.

Regular visits from community workers keep the location in a good condition.

Connected to the main river are three lagoons, some very good

Tench and other specimens have been caught in the lagoons as well as on the main river.

Usual river species also Carp can be caught along with predator fish as well.

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