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Quarterly News letter 2023

Steve Pearson club secretary

1 Jan 2023

January 2023

Wishing all club members old & new all the very best for 2023.

Please could anyone using our venues take home your rubbish it is unpleasant to see & can be dangerous to Wildlife.

Looking back 2022 was a very successful year for the club with increased membership & day tickets sales.

The hot spell during the summer causing some problems with Water & Oxygen levels on the lakes at our site in Landbeach.

Our thanks go to Les, John & Colin for their efforts to reduce the impact by pumping Water from Leland to Atkins & on to Magpie.

The improvement on Water & Oxygen levels had a very positive effect on the number of fish being caught.

The recent cold snap in December causing the lakes to freeze over, up to aprrox 3 inches thick. Rumour has it that John Dyer was seen doing a solo performance of a Torvill & Dean routine on the ice.

The website for the club should if not already be up & running very soon. Finding content that will keep visitors interested in viewing the website difficult.

There is a new ‘contact us’ form on the front page of the website please feel free to enter your details & any comments you may have.

For 2023 The Club will hopefully be getting a new card payment machine from Barclays Bank. This should improve on the current machine that has a very limited signal range.

In the previous Newsletter reference was made with the purchase of a Portakabin to be used for Club Meetings also to promote the social side of the club.

So far despite a trip to Birmingham and various other attempts at finding a suitable building, have unfortunately been without success. We will however keep trying.

I will try to get access this year to our Facebook page (I personally have never used it) this can be updated quicker and keep members informed.

From April 1St – 31st October Leland Water day tickets can be purchased for Club Members only. It will be very carefully monitored & controlled.

No advance booking, from 07.00 – 19.00 daily, Maximum 2 rods, no braided line, must have the correct tackle, cost will be £10.00 per angler per day.

Leland Water is a very quiet & tranquil lake please respect this at all times.

I have been secretary for a few months now administration & change over from previous secretaries at times has been challenging but progress is being made.

For 2023 I would like to meet more of our members & discuss any issues you may have. I would welcome any input to add to the Website, Newsletter or Facebook page.

Many thanks in advance for your help and support.


Steve Pearson

Club secretary


Mobile 07494 479476

Les Beecroft Chairman, Steve Pearson Club Secretary, John Dyer Treasurer

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