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Re-Introducing Newsletter

Steve Pearson Club Secretary

1 Oct 2022

After some discussions with the club committee it was agreed to re-introduce the Newsletter.

Due to the resignation of the previous secretary, unfortunately there has some delays in updating the website and also the important administration of the club.

Progress is being made and would ask that members allow time for the transfer to be completed.

Once we have this completed we will be updating the website with a fresh new look and would ask members to send in photos with a short description of their memory to be added to not only the website, Facebook etc. also future News Letters. Email:

With the recent hot summer there has been a significant effort made by John, Les & Colin to help with the very low water levels on Atkins & Magpie lakes this has involved pumping water from Leland to Atkins & then on to Magpie which has led to a big increase in electricity costs.

This however did improve the amount of fish being caught and generally improved the water quality along with the other usual methods to improve oxygen levels.

Other news at the last committee meeting, a proposal was put forward and approved for purchasing a Portacabin to be added on to the site in Waterbeach. This to be used for club meetings and also to encourage the social side of the club. We would welcome your input and any thoughts you may have once we have the unit in place.

The cost of these units can vary dramatically we have a budget of around £5000.00 to buy and transport the unit. These units are very popular and it is proving quite difficult to buy a suitable unit within the budget. We are looking ideally for a 40 x 10 foot unit, so if you know someone who has one please let us know. Email:

Also at the last committee meeting, changes regarding the membership to Leland water, also the introduction of day tickets for club members only. Details of this are yet to be finalised. As secretary with the approval of the club, existing members of Leland Water will be contacted to check if they are still using the venue. Following this review, a more accurate list can be generated, which will hopefully allow more access.

New memberships for 2023: would it be possible to have contact details for all members such as email in order to improve keeping members informed?

Many thanks for your patience and understanding.

Les Beecroft – Chairman; Steve Pearson – Club Secretary; John Dyer - Treasurer

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