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Quarterly Newsletter - October 2023

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Autumn 2023 - Steve Pearson Club Secretary

Waterbeach Angling Club Logo - Founded in 1936
Waterbeach Angling Club - Founded in 1936

I am disappointed to start off this Newsletter with regard to the improper use of tackle.

Recently a large carp was caught on Atkins Lake with a size 4 hook (max size 12) still in its mouth, a braided main line and a braided hook length.

Also being used are controller floats and elasticated feeder rigs.

As a result of this, there will be more regular inspections of the tackle being used.

Our Committee members are bailiffs of the club along with John, Les & myself if you are asked please allow fishing tackle used to be checked.

If you are caught using any of the above you will be asked to leave, if you are a member your membership will be cancelled.

There are notice boards with the rules make sure you read them before starting to fish.

Fish are being needlessly harmed and damaged in some cases have to be destroyed.

Waterbeach Angling Club - Incorrect Tackle

Waterbeach Angling Club - Fishing Floats

Incorrect Tackle found at our fishery

Please use the correct tackle set out on

our rules page here.

Braided line is not allowed on any of our waters

Waterbeach Angling Club - Braided Line
Braided Line = Incorrect Tackle
These were banned years ago. This was found on Magpie Lake
Waterbeach Angling Club - Humane Pike Gag
Humane Pike Gag - Banned

A lot of hard work goes into maintaining our venues and is a continual process throughout the year.

John, Les & Colin work tirelessly to ensure that we can fish without having to prepare a swim.

Please, when you see them working on the site thank them for their efforts.

Recently Magpie Lake has had a lot of work carried out on the island which had become overgrown especially on the bank.

While this work was being done several bits of tackle including line, feeders, floats etc. Had to be removed.

If you miscast and lose tackle please let us know so it can be removed (DO NOT GO ON THE ISAND)

After a very successful open day followed up by a coaching day on the 1st of October the club has decided to offer coaching days.

These will need to be booked in advance a deposit will be required but refunded on the day you have booked.

Call John Dyer 07591 630990 or Les Beecroft 07590 168564.

If you are unable to attend please give 48 hrs notice otherwise your deposit will not be refunded.

Our new website is working very well and has ranked on Google’s first page.

Many thanks to Ryan for not only the design but continued updating and additions to the site.

I still need to do some work with the rivers that we have, please be patient until this has been completed.

The contact page is there for you to let us know when you have a good or bad experience.

Send us pictures of your catch big or small so we can add them to our website. Email

In November I will be carrying out a review of the Leland Membership. We currently have a waiting list of 20.

Some members never fish the Lake. Those memberships will be used to allow people on the waiting list to join.

We may also increase the number of members to 75 but this will only be done if the majority of current members agree.

Future projects for the site at Landbeach are to improve the toilet facility also to create a shop for bait & tackle sales using one of the garages on site.

Bait sales on our Landbeach site have been a great success, we want to continue and improve the range of bait and tackle for sale.

Memberships and the number of people using our facilities has increased again this year.

We have had some donations made to the club including an Oak tree sapling which has been planted on Leland.

We have also had donated a large number of books by the wife of an ex Leland life member.

Many thanks from the club.

Thank you to all new, current and future visitors to our club we hope your visit is a pleasurable experience.

We would ask that you please follow and respect the rules that we have in place to ensure that you have a great day.

Steve Pearson

Club secretary & Vice Chairman Email

Mobile 07494 479476

Les Beecroft Chairman, Steve Pearson Club Secretary, John Dyer Treasurer

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