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Unforgettable Adventures at Leland: Jon's Epic Fishing Season at Waterbeach Angling Club!

A Cambridge Fisherman's Dream

We've got an exciting update from one of our dedicated members, Jon, who had an absolute blast at Leland Water situated just north of Cambridge this season. From March to August, he embarked on 7 thrilling trips at WAC's premier fishing lake, tallying up an impressive 10 nights of angling action. Let's dive into the highlights:

The Stats

  • Total Fish Landed: 39 🐟

  • Memorable Mirror Catches: 31, with a remarkable 29-pounder caught a few weeks later!

  • Impressive Common Catches: 31 and 31 again! 🌟

But that's not all! Jon also hooked 19 twenties, and the rest were all double-figure catches. The adrenaline-pumping action was only intensified by the challenge posed by those lilies, resulting in a few heart-pounding near misses!

There's no wonder there is a huge waiting list for Leland's membership!

The One That Got Away

Jon's heartbreak came on the last trip in August. He believes he was inches away from netting the big common, only for fate to intervene. It's a tale that every angler can relate to, a true testament to the thrill and unpredictability of our beloved sport.

New Adventures Beckon

After a brief hiatus spent exploring French waters, Jon's now set his sights on another exciting syndicate for the Autumn. But don't worry, Leland holds a special place in his heart, and he's already planning a triumphant return for the winter season.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Returning to Leland after all these years was more than just fishing. It was a journey back in time, reliving cherished childhood memories and creating new ones along the way. The magic of Leland is not just in its waters, but in the stories it holds for Leland members.

Come and make your own memories by joining us at Waterbeach Angling Club - Our 3 Lake Club Card is only £75 for the year!

Capturing the Moments

Jon generously shared some snapshots of his adventures, a testament to his solo missions and angling prowess. As he rightly puts it, the focus is on getting those beauties back in the water, especially on hot days.

Large Carp at Waterbeach Angling Club in Cambridge

A Huge Carp at Waterbeach Angling Club in Cambridge

Jon holding a massive Carp at Cambridge Fishing Lake

As we bid farewell to Jon's extraordinary season, we're reminded of the magic that happens at Leland and across our beautiful lakes. Each cast is a story waiting to unfold, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for all our dedicated anglers.

Got a story to share? Don't hesitate! Drop us a line at and let's spread the fishing fever! 🎣

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